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2019 STEAM Summer Workshop

In collaboration with the AKA Sorority at Virginia Tech, the workshop's goal is to attract middle and high school students to the fields of science, technology, engineering, art, and math through engineering activities and experiences. Dr. Barry was the keynote speaker at this year's workshop.


The Virginia Tech Network for Engineering Transfer Students (VT-NETS) is an NSF funded collaborative program between Virginia Tech, Virginia Western Community College, and Northern Virginia Community College that serves to increase the success of engineering transfer students following the community college-to-bachelor’s degree pathway. Two VT-NETS students, Jared Harvey and Craig Schichtel, joined the VibRo Lab in the summer of 2019.

VT National Society of Black Engineers

Dr. Barry has been an active member of the NSBE for 12 years and served as Vice-President and President of the NSBE student group at Ryerson University and at the University of Toronto during his undergraduate and graduate educations, respectively. He plans to take an active role as an advisor and mentor to the Virginia Tech NSBE chapter. He will advise and mentor these students, will ensure they stay within the engineering program, and will keep them interested in research so they can pursue graduate studies in engineering.

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