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ME3504 Dynamic Systems-Vibrations

Principles of dynamic system modeling with emphasis on second order mechanical systems. Harmonic and nonharmonic vibrations of single and multi-degree of freedom systems. Applications of computer simulation and analysis techniques in vibrations.

ME6984 Nonlinear Vibration and Applications

Nonlinear oscillations of discrete and continuous dynamical systems. Introduction to concepts of trajectories, phase-plane, singular point and limit cycles, stability and bifurcations; asymptotic and perturbation methods; external and self-excitations; internal, primary, secondary, and parametric resonances. Applications to nonlinear vibration absorbers, broadband energy harvesting, friction-induced oscillations, fluid-induced vibrations, MEMS sensors/actuators, and mechanical metamaterials.

ME5514 Vibrations of Mechanical Systems

Single degree-of-freedom systems, multiple-degree-of- freedom system and distributed parameter systems ending in dynamic finite element modeling. Numerical solutions, isolation, absorption, optimal design for vibration reduction, analytical modal methods, transfer function methods. Damping models and analysis.

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